Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Sugar Daddy

Last Saturday, Allan & I were in Dubai Mall when I had this sudden craving for carrot cake/cupcake with a cream cheese topping. I dunno why but I know I had to take a bite. We couldn't find one in Dubai Mall and had to drag Allan to the nearest Sugar Daddy's stall which was in Deira City Center.

Well, everything paid off as the cupcakes were just worth coming back for more! I got their 24-carrot cupcake while Allan took the Cookies & Scream (I still think cookies & cream is not a perfect flavor for cupcakes but for ice cream instead). The cupcake is not so densed nor too fluffy...just the right texture. The cream cheese topping was just the right sweetness my taste buds is looking for. In short, it was scrumptious!

I just can't wait for the weekend. I'll be off to the nearest Sugar Daddy's stall to try their best-selling red velvet cupcake.

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