Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Home and Bacolod Chicken Inasal

I miss home...badly! I miss my 4-year-old niece and I terribly miss the food back home...napoleones, chicken inasal, batchoy, pork bbq in the streets, anything that spells Philippines and Bacolod!

So to overcome this, I decided to make Bacolod Chicken Inasal at the comfort of our own home. Inasal comes from the Ilonggo word "asalan" meaning barbeque stick. Chiken Inasal is grilled chicken cuts marinated in native herbs and spices, skewered on bamboo stick, then basted with achuete and Bacolod is famous for this.

I'd like to share my own recipe for Bacolod Chicken Inasal.


chicken thigh or leg
garlic - crushed
brown sugar
cane vinegar or coconut vinegar (i used apple cider 'cause we already have this at home)
rock salt


Marinate all ingredients for an hour or preferably overnight before grilling. Before grilling, make the achuete oil. Make a slit on each side of the marinated chicken. Baste the chicken with achuete oil while grilling. Serve with sinamak, soy sauce, calamansi and fresh siling labuyo.

To make the achuete oil: Warm enough achuete seeds in lots of cooking oil over moderate heat for one to two minutes. Do not let the oil burn. Set aside and stir until the oil turns orange in color.

Since we do not have any dirty kitchen to grill this, we used a grilling pan over stove. The outcome was almost...almost the same with the one cooked over charcoal. Not bad! I guess what makes Bacolod chicken inasal unique from the rest is the achuete sauce spread on the chicken while grilling.

Chicken inasal is best served with garlic "mantika" (achuete) rice (just like below), achara on the side and eaten by hand! yum! =)

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